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Ultimate Blog Tour begins…

The international book blogging tour for A Different Time begins today!

Over the next three weeks, more than 100 reviewers from around the world will review and discuss the novel, interview the author, plus some other surprises. Updates will be posted here and on our official Facebook page. You can follow the whole tour on Twitter. @MKHill0221

Here are the Week One bloggers.
Week Two bloggers.
Week Three bloggers.

I hope you engage with some of them in conversations. I look forward to reading the comments. Cheers!

Late summer update…

It’s been a while since I posted, here is what’s going on:

This year’s edition of Write Like You’re Alive is well underway. Over 30 artists from all over the world, are participating in the event. Submissions include poetry, flash fiction, short stories, and artwork.

When Zoetic Press dropped their sponsorship in June, I offered to organize and edit the eventual anthology, with Tangent Press East agreeing to publish the collection, free of charge, just as it had been in the past.

It has proven to be WAY more time consuming than I would have expected. However, that pales when compared to the satisfaction I feel reading some of the remarkable work being produced.

TheWriteReads will be promoting a blog tour for my book.

In about two weeks, a major promotional event will be happening on Twitter. TheWriteReads group of bloggers and book reviewers will be discussing my novel, A Different Time. Over 100 of them have already committed. It will be a huge boost in exposure.

A few interviews may occur as well, I will keep you posted.

In the meanwhile, I am working with some new software in beta. It seems to be a fascinating hybrid of Campfire and Scrivener. I am using it now to shape out a few stories knocking around my head. I’ll let you know what I think.

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