Write Like You’re Alive

Beginning in 2016, Zoetic Press started hosting a creativity sprint for writers called Write Like You’re Alive.  The event was hugely popular, attracting dozens of writers from all over the world.

The challenge was to spend an entire month being creative. Every day participants were expected to upload some new form of creative output, it could be a short story, flash fiction, poetry, song writing, photography, and even audio or video content. 

The event was so successful, that despite their plans to only host it once, they brought it back for a second go-around in 2017, and now it’s returned again this year too.

Each time, Zoetic Press has published an anthology of the best work created during the event and made it available for download. I’ve been fortunate to have my work selected for the first two anthologies, and I’m currently in the process of creating my work for consideration in the third.

This year’s event has been very exciting for me. My output is higher than in any previous event. I’m on pace to create 31 pieces in 31 days, something I’ve never done before. I’ll update once the challenge has concluded, with my total output, and info on whether or not a piece has been selected for the 2018 anthology. 

In the meanwhile, below please find links to download the first two anthologies. 

If you are interested in downloading the 2016 anthology of Write Like You’re Alive, which includes my short story, What Time Is It?, click HERE

If you are interested in downloading the 2017 anthology of Write Like You’re Alive, which includes my short story, Sprinting Again, click HERE.

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