Write Like You’re Alive 2018

For the third year in a row, I’ve spent a month of my summer, working to create something new every single day, as part of the 31/31 creativity sprint hosted by Zoetic Press.

My final numbers and results for this year are in.

WLYA 2018 was, by far, my most productive yet. In the 31 days of July, I generated 33 new pieces. I wrote 19 submissions (17 short stories and 2 poems) totaling 10,243 words. In addition, I also submitted 14 new photographs.  

Summer Leaves by Michael K. Hill

Beyond by Michael K. Hill

Hope by Michael K. Hill

The writing was a real mixed bag of genres:  science fiction,  humor, drama, flash fiction, experimental, and non-fiction.  The two poems were a surprise. I know I’m not a poet, but the challenge of trying a couple of different forms was fun.

None of my photography was selected by the editors for the anthology which publishes in November. But they did select one of my written pieces. I was surprised by the story they chose.   

It’s called Report, and it was an experimental piece, written in the style of William S. Burroughs’ work in Naked Lunch.

William S. Burroughs, Novelist

At the time I wrote it, I thought it was just a filler piece and not likely at all to be selected for publication. Goes to show what I know.

Once again it has been a thrill to compete in this 31/31 challenge. I’m very grateful to the editorial staff at Zoetic Press for hosting this event again. I’ll post another update for this when the anthology is released.  

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