“Where is everything?”

For more than a decade, I’ve maintained my personal website on GoDaddy. It was an affordable option that (for the most part) met my needs. But as I began to expand, adding a website for my business, and then creating a site for the content from Kenneth Snipps, issues began to develop. 

The collected websites started to bog down, loading errors became frequent, and after dealing with it for several years, I finally had enough. I shut down the web hosting and all the sites went dark.

I took about a month off and weighed the options of whether I would re-launch the sites with a new web host, or scrap the whole project. The final decision was a bit of both. I closed down The Gamers Box and the Snipps site and chose to focus on just my writing site for now.

This newly designed blog is hosted by a different service, and I hope the load issues will now be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, rebuilding the site from the ground up means that hundreds of posts from the old site are gone. I’ll do my best to add the most interesting ones here. But if I omit something you would like to see, please let me know. 

I tried adding a feedback box to the site, but it was immediately bombarded with spam. So I’ve pulled it out. If you need to contact me, there is an email button at the bottom of this page. Please use that.



Updating my website from that keyboard doesn’t appear to work. 

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