Interviews from the Void

I’m thrilled to have been selected as the subject of one of Arthur Macabe’s Interviews from the Void. It’s a long-running series, hosted on his website, of discussions with writers about their background, technique, style, approach, and tools.

Arthur is a novelist himself, and in addition to conducting these interviews on a weekly basis, he is also developing a science fiction podcast. 

Arthur Macabe

In my interview, we talked about the advantages of crafting short stories and screenplays as a warm-up to novel writing. Although these conversations are geared toward other writers, I think there are interesting things for people who just enjoy reading too.

Something else included is the article is a bit of information about the origin of the short story I “co-wrote” with Stephen King, back in 1984, called Skybar. Subscribers to my newsletter were able to read that story last October. If you are not yet a subscriber, CLICK HERE.

Photo from 1984 newspaper article about Skybar.

It’s a huge honor to be included in Interviews from the Void. I hope you’ll check out my episode, and the others on the site as well. 

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