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I spent some time in the desert…

Congratulations to the beautiful brides.

Our daughter got married on May 19, and we gathered for the event in Nevada, then traveled to Arizona. The beauty of the American Southwest never fails to impress me.

Photograph by Nick Hill
Photography can’t capture the sheer magnitude.
On the canyon floor I glanced up and saw the passage of two billion years of time.
Photographs by Nick Hill
On the Colorado River.
My crew and the Grand Canyon.

I hope to revisit soon. Perhaps a book signing tour of the southwest? I hear Sedona, AZ is equally stunning. I’m ready.

Nice way to start the day…

I opened my email this morning and saw this link to a Tweet from one of my all-time favorite filmmakers. Aw, shucks, you’re pretty great too, Guillermo.

Of course, he wasn’t tweeting about me, but rather the monster artist, Mike Hill, the brilliant creature designer for del Toro’s Oscar-winning film, The Shape of Water.

His latest masterpiece is a recreation of Frankenstein’s monster.

Remarkable work by creature designer Mike Hill.


Michael K. Hill

I enjoy writing, photography, cinema, craft beers, and my family.

Self-portrait 1986

I’ve worked in film and television production for over twenty-five years.

My experience includes broadcast engineering, producing, directing, writing, editing, and mastering.

Show formatting for ESPN in Edit 2, in 1999.

I’ve created content for ESPN, ESPN International, ABC Sports, CBS News, CBS Eye On People, A&E, and many others.

Digital Suite

From 1988 to 1993, I worked as a writer, performer, director, and occasional video editor, for the syndicated sketch comedy program, Tonight @ 11:30. At its peak, T@11:30 was seen weekly in Boston, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Those aren’t my glasses.
In 1998 I co-created the kid’s TV show Tori’s Toybox with Michael Hand.

I started doing photography and graphic design work in the 1990’s, creating album covers, posters, and promotional material.

An album cover I designed in 2001.
The title art for my upcoming short story collection.
Preliminary art on an upcoming novel.
The first album cover I made in 1997.

My first published article was a profile piece sold to a British specialty magazine in April of 1999. I’ve continued to write reviews, articles, humor pieces, and others, for dozens of online services, and in print for The Hartford Advocate, The Litchfield Voice, Backstreet Entertainment Guide, and others.

In 1998 I collaborated with a group of friends to form Chimborazo Pictures. We produced Coventry, a black & white film about love and repression.

Coventry was recently added to the New York Public Library’s permanent film collection.

We followed that up in 2000 with another feature film, A Little Bit of Lipstick, a romantic comedy starring Mia Tyler and Soupy Sales.

Me and Soupy Sales on the set of A Little Bit of Lipstick, 1999.

Following the cancellation of Tonight @ 11:30, I moved the comedy production apparatus online. Making new content, while reinterpreting some of the old material, into what we called, Tonight on the Web.

Starting in 2005, I produced a number of different podcasts, including Tonight on the Radio, The Screening Room, and Rit & Mike’s Comedy Funhouse.

In 2008 I designed and created The Gamers Box, the first mobile video gaming service in Connecticut. It featured multiple gaming systems from Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo, with high-definition video displays, and customized gaming chairs. We operated from 2008-2017, serving thousands of gamers all over New England.

Head-to-Head video gaming action in the one and only, Gamers Box.

My first self-published book, The Bug, 1977.

I’ve been at this writing thing for a long time. And yes, I designed that cover too. Blue triangles in the corners were so hot in ’77.

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