I was going through an old folder of images and found this. This is the cover art I designed for the Iron Maiden album created by my friend and former colleague, Justin Glenn. Justin has the good fortune of being a regular guest at Iron Maiden events, as well as […]

The 5th Dentist

Just finished a new article for Taste of Cinema. It’s the best films about the creative process. The editor wanted to keep the list down to 15 films. You will have to wait for the article to see which films made the list, but here are a few I considered but didn’t […]

New Article – Best Films about Creativity

Buy on Amazon Are you a creative type? Do you find yourself often blocked for ideas? Does that get you down? You should read Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art. The book breaks down in no uncertain terms the root of the problem and shows you how to defeat it. […]

The War of Art

The Movie Bunker is proud to present David Lynch’s Eraserhead.   Presented in pristine high-definition, from The Criterion Collection (copy on loan). This screening is SOLD OUT  

Midnight Movie: Eraserhead

The sad, growing fraternity of steroid users publicly shamed for their transgressions is no longer limited to star athletes. A report released by The Daily Planet, reveals that Superman tested positive for performance enhancing drugs in 2004, and goes on to suggest that even more serious substances may have been […]

Superman Tests Positive for PED

Ok, actually, it’s still in development…and has been since 1999. But we’re starting to hear good things. This gag first appeared on the original Tonight On The Web and features artwork by Michael Hand, as well as my first attempt at web design. It also carried a disclaimer. May cause […]

Now in development…

Here is a rough draft of the cover art for the upcoming Kenneth Snipps book, SEAT CUSHIONS FLOAT: 50 Helpful Crash Tips. Click the image to see a larger version.

Snipps Book Update

Music is one of my great passions.  I’ve been collecting recordings since I was child.  The first 45 R.P.M. I bought with my own money was Queen’s We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions back in 1977,  I was ten. My collection of recordings now exceeds 17,000 tracks and according […]

The Music Reclamation Project

Thanks for flying MKH Air, your quality provider of interstellar travel and entertainment.  We are cruising at Mach 10.  You are free to remove your lap belts and head over to the open bar.  Drinks on us! Also, Happy Birthday Donnie Baseball!

The Captain Has Turned Off The “No Smoking” Light