August Update

It’s been a busy month.

I just concluded my second trek through the creative sprint known as Write Like Your Alive sponsored by Zoetic Press. The challenge of meeting the daily goal, along with a community of like-minded artists all offering feedback and encouragement, is a fantastic experience.  I missed the mark for submissions this year, creating only 17 pieces for the month, with a goal of 31.

But what I generated I was pleased with. For this year the list of accepted submissions included poems, flash fiction, photography, short stories, and audio files. That gave me an idea to try and create multiple pieces across different media that were all connected.

I’ll go into more detail about the work as soon as I hear back if any of the pieces have been selected for publication.

The short stories not selected for publication will be shared in the newsletter in October.


I also managed to get my Twitter account set up, and began networking with writers and readers all over the world.

A small sub-group has formed from the writers who also frequent Reddit. The #redditwriters hashtag united a bunch of us and plans quickly evolved for an anthology to be published with proceeds benefiting charity. The details are still being formulated. I will share more on that in the next few weeks.


My writer’s page has also been set-up this month on Facebook.   It’s exciting having so many forums to connect with people, but honestly, it can be overwhelming. The amount of time spent sharing content and interacting on social media can rapidly spin out of control. A balance has to be maintained. I’m a work-in-progress with that.

And finally this month I began a wider marketing campaign for the book, expanding my reach to more readers, using this ad.




So far the feedback has been positive, and there has been a small uptick in sales.

I designed it trying to keep it simple and clean, I didn’t want it cluttered with too much copy. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, I would like to hear them.