July Update

Half the summer has slipped away, but it has been a busy period.

The Movie Bunker was upgraded with a brand new 60″ HDTV and Blu-ray player.  A stack of new films has been added to the media library, including works from Tarkovsky, Kieslowski, Kurosawa, Bergman, and Resnais. It’s a miracle I get any work done because I could honestly never leave that space.

With the book published in May, I have been working on promotion.  A small New England tour is being planned to teach the process of self-publishing, from concept to completion.

My movie pitch about a saber-toothed penguin saving the world from global warming is currently circulating Hollywood.  I’ll let you know if anything comes of that.

August will see the second annual Write Like You’re Alive, hosted by Zoetic Press. Last year’s experience was so much fun, I had to do it again.  My writing space has been cleaned and decluttered, and I got a new keyboard with a soft blue glow below the keys.


The glow of creative potential, $13 on Prime Day.


Thank you to everyone who has supported the book. I’m grateful for the kind reviews on Amazon. They help a great deal. As a book garners reviews, Amazon widens its promotion. Also a quick note to my friends in the U.K., there is a book seller offering my book on Amazon at nearly double the asking price, plus charging a large shipping fee. The book is available on Amazon UK for just £7.71 in paperback and £3.08 for the eBook, with free shipping for Prime members.  Don’t be overcharged.