Summer Reading

Available just in time for the summer reading season, my short story collection Anansi and Beyond: Short stories, Magic & Nightmares is available now from Amazon in paperback and Kindle eBook.

This represents my output from the writing challenge undertaken last summer. It’s an eclectic mix of short stories and flash fiction, some are fragments of bigger ideas, others are complete and self-contained. Magical creatures, guardian angels, monsters under the bed, soul collectors, artificial intelligence, lovers lost in time, and a giant spider who is the keeper of all tales, are in attendance.┬áIt was a blast seeing where my creativity took me each day, a fluctuating shift between shadow and light.



One of the stories was inspired by this photograph I took of a popular landmark in my hometown. It got me thinking about a midnight meeting between supernatural beings.

I had originally hoped to include my photography submissions in the book, but decided to omit them because the print size and style of the paperback did not compliment the images.


There is also a teaser chapter from my horror/sci-fi novel The Hunter.