Mid-Summer Update

Like most, I’m stunned to realize half the summer has slipped by all ready, but there has been a lot of stuff going on.

For the month of July I committed to the Write Like You’re Alive 31/31 challenge, sponsored by Zoetic Press.

The idea is to create something new everyday for the entire month. Accepted material includes poems, short stories, flash fiction, and photography. All submitted work is considered for publication in an anthology. Winners will be announced on August 15th.

I learned about the project from the brilliant Stephanie Barbé Hammer.  I’m thrilled she suggested it. For the last year and half my writing has been focused on two different books, one fiction, one non-fiction. Any crazy idea that popped into my head was added to a “think about it later” file in Evernote.

By participating in the challenge, I am working on something completely different everyday. It’s been great. I will share some of the material here as soon as I know what they have passed on.

So far my material has included magic spiders, fighting lovers, soul collectors, bedtime stories, nightmares, a bit of science fiction, and I’m only half-way done. I haven’t written this way since Mrs. DiMeo’s Creative Writing class in high school. It’s a blast.




The first Great Movies Roadshow screening at the Plainville Public Library a few weeks ago was a big success. Turnout was twice what I expected. As a result the director of the library has asked for another presentation, and this time it’s getting two screenings.

Sunset Blvd. by Billy Wilder was selected as the next film.

Here is the promo poster:


Roadshow Poster Sunset Blvd