Now in development…

Ok, actually, it’s still in development…and has been since 1999. But we’re starting to hear good things.

This gag first appeared on the original Tonight On The Web and features artwork by Michael Hand, as well as my first attempt at web design.

It also carried a disclaimer.

May cause any or all of the following:

warts, herpes, nausea, itchy skin, hard stool, crabs, stinky feet, hair loss, irregularity, nasal blockage, cavities, moodiness, diarrhea, bleeding, paper cuts, increased colon activity, sun spots, hearing loss, kidney stones, gingivitis, narcolepsy, rashes, insomnia, constant bitching, secret itch, love handles, zits, male pattern baldness, lyme disease, doggie breath, PMS, hairy palms, fever dreams, extreme sweating, rectal itch, flatulence, impotence, debauchery, spontaneous human combustion, premature ejaculation, projectile vomiting, prickly heat, genital swelling, gout, rabies, burping, and uncontrollable laughter.