The 5th Dentist

I was going through an old folder of images and found this.

5th denist CD

This is the cover art I designed for the Iron Maiden album created by my friend and former colleague, Justin Glenn. Justin has the good fortune of being a regular guest at Iron Maiden events, as well as golfing partner with Nicko McBrain, the band’s drummer. For each tour Justin makes a mix of Maiden tracks to set the mood.

This collection is from the 2003, Give Me Ed…Til I’m Dead Tour.


Justin was looking for a name for the collection and we were throwing around ideas, but nothing seemed to stick. Then, as was usual, our conversion drifted off to something obscure – the old chewing gum commercial that said, “four out of five dentists surveyed said…” and we started to wonder about who this odd dentist was who couldn’t agree with everyone else – the 5th Dentist. Justin had his title.

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