New Article – Best Films about Creativity

Just finished a new article for Taste of Cinema. It’s the best films about the creative process. The editor wanted to keep the list down to 15 films.

You will have to wait for the article to see which films made the list, but here are a few I considered but didn’t include:

The Red Shoes


The Red Shoes is a long-respected masterpiece and one of the most beautiful films ever made. The new high-definition transfer from Criterion is stunning. Meticulous restoration work was done to the original film elements bringing the movie to life.


The story is about the production of the ballet of The Red Shoes, based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Moira Shearer is remarkable as the  dedicated and hard-working dancer forced to choose between her love and her art.

It is available from the media library.


Crazy Heart


This is one of my favorite performances by Jeff Bridges and is a terrific film about the life of a musician, but I had to leave it off the list because I already had three other films featuring the creation of music.

It is available from the media library.


The Stunt Man



This movie blew my mind when I saw it in 1980. Peter O’Toole is awesome as the tyrannical director Eli Cross, with Steve Railsback as his new stunt man, but he’s really a guy on the run from the cops. Fans of The X Files will remember Railsback as Duane Barry. He is a quirky actor with an odd style, but he’s interesting.

Unfortunately the film hasn’t aged particularly well, and I already had several films about the art of making movies, so this one was left off.

It is available from the media library.