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Since October I’ve been busy drafting and revising a new novel, tentatively titled A Different Time. It’s an unconventional romance, based on my short story, What Time Is It?, published by Zoetic Press in 2016.  The book is taking up all my free time, and as such, not a whole lot else […]

Books, Music and Mayhem

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The Newsletter

  “There is just too much good stuff to watch.” I hear this statement a lot and it’s true. The magnitude of current television programming choices is staggering. So allow me to do my part and make some recommendations.   Better Call Saul   If you are looking for just […]

The Platinum Age of Television (Part 1)

Available just in time for the summer reading season, my short story collection Anansi and Beyond: Short stories, Magic & Nightmares is available now from Amazon in paperback and Kindle eBook. This represents my output from the writing challenge undertaken last summer. It’s an eclectic mix of short stories and […]

Summer Reading

A brand new literary magazine has launched and they selected a short story of mine to be included in their first issue. With Candlelight features poetry, flash-fiction, horror and sci-fi. My story, Miracles of Science, was written last summer, and has been looking for a home ever since.  Thank you to Brandon […]

Short Story: Miracles of Science