Since October I’ve been busy drafting and revising a new novel, tentatively titled A Different Time. It’s an unconventional romance, based on my short story, What Time Is It?, published by Zoetic Press in 2016.  The book is taking up all my free time, and as such, not a whole lot else […]

Books, Music and Mayhem

I was going through an old folder of images and found this. This is the cover art I designed for the Iron Maiden album created by my friend and former colleague, Justin Glenn. Justin has the good fortune of being a regular guest at Iron Maiden events, as well as […]

The 5th Dentist

Music is one of my great passions.  I’ve been collecting recordings since I was child.  The first 45 R.P.M. I bought with my own money was Queen’s We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions back in 1977,  I was ten. My collection of recordings now exceeds 17,000 tracks and according […]

The Music Reclamation Project