By Michael K. Hill   There he was. Just as big and mesmerizing as you would expect.  Over six-feet tall, strapping and muscular, and just look at that face.  Adonis personified.  A chin chiseled from granite. Bright blue eyes, and dark hair cut short and styled over his perfectly sculpted […]


Since October I’ve been busy drafting and revising a new novel, tentatively titled A Different Time. It’s an unconventional romance, based on my short story, What Time Is It?, published by Zoetic Press in 2016.  The book is taking up all my free time, and as such, not a whole lot else […]

Books, Music and Mayhem

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The Newsletter

It’s been a busy month. I just concluded my second trek through the creative sprint known as Write Like Your Alive sponsored by Zoetic Press. The challenge of meeting the daily goal, along with a community of like-minded artists all offering feedback and encouragement, is a fantastic experience.  I missed […]

August Update

  “There is just too much good stuff to watch.” I hear this statement a lot and it’s true. The magnitude of current television programming choices is staggering. So allow me to do my part and make some recommendations.   Better Call Saul   If you are looking for just […]

The Platinum Age of Television (Part 1)

Half the summer has slipped away, but it has been a busy period. The Movie Bunker was upgraded with a brand new 60″ HDTV and Blu-ray player.  A stack of new films has been added to the media library, including works from Tarkovsky, Kieslowski, Kurosawa, Bergman, and Resnais. It’s a miracle I […]

July Update

  There were some questions about upcoming projects, and I am kind of excited about this one. Publication is looking like early 2018. I will have more info shortly and share it in the newsletter. Just finished this design on the cover and decided to share it. Any feedback would […]

A storm is coming…

Available just in time for the summer reading season, my short story collection Anansi and Beyond: Short stories, Magic & Nightmares is available now from Amazon in paperback and Kindle eBook. This represents my output from the writing challenge undertaken last summer. It’s an eclectic mix of short stories and […]

Summer Reading

The fine folks over at Zoetic Press have just published the creative cream-of-the-crop from their mid-summer writing challenge Write Like You’re Alive. Nearly two-hundred people from all over the world took part, with the goal to generate 31 new pieces of material in 31 days.   I managed to complete […]

Write Like You’re Alive 2016

Reading about filmmakers and the art of cinema is one of my favorite things. Recently I discovered a terrific writer named Imogen Sara Smith. She just penned an article for The Criterion Collection pondering the possibility that The Red Shoes is actual a film noir. It’s one of the best […]

Imogen Sara Smith

Like so many others, I love to see studies and reports proclaiming my procrastination is somehow a good thing. But miraculously it turns out to be true. Just because I’m not typing doesn’t mean I’m not working things over in my head, contemplating any and all options. I prefer delaying […]

Creativity and Procrastination

Like most, I’m stunned to realize half the summer has slipped by all ready, but there has been a lot of stuff going on. For the month of July I committed to the Write Like You’re Alive 31/31 challenge, sponsored by Zoetic Press. The idea is to create something new […]

Mid-Summer Update